Which Cleaner is Right for Me?

Which Cleaner is Right for Me?

As the first step in your skincare regimen, finding a cleanser that works best for your skin type is critical. It can be easy to just select whatever cleanser or soap is available in the store, but doing this can cause real damage to your body's largest organ. Whether you wear makeup or not, the delicate skin on your face comes into contact with pollutants, impurities, and other debris all throughout the day. From the cleanser you start with, to the towel you use to dry off, being conscious of how you cleanse is ultra-important. 

Cleansers are the first step in your beauty routine and using the right one for your skin is crucial to getting the results you want. While most cleansers may not transform your skin on their own, using the wrong cleanser can create new skin issues. Our cleansers are designed to go beyond the cleanse and treat your skin concerns.

Whatever your skin type is, cleansers that strip your skin of its natural oils can cause problems. They can irritate your skin and dry it out, which leaves you having to rehydrate your skin more frequently.  Stripping cleansers can even increase sebum production, which often leads to breakouts.   

The key when shopping cleansers is knowing your skin. When you start using a new cleanser, you want to monitor it closely for the following signs:

  • Oilier? - You want a less stripping cleanser.
  • Dryer? - You want a less stripping cleanser.
  • Irritated? - It could be a few things like over exfoliation or too stripping.
  • Breakouts? - It could be too rich (meaning it’s leaving some residue that might be clogging your pores) or too stripping. 

You Have: large, visible pores. Your skin looks oily/greasy pretty quickly after cleansing.

You Need: a balancing cleanser that helps unclog pores and balances oil production and pH without leaving you dry.

We Recommend: Purifying Face Cleaner

You Have: itchy, flaky skin.
You Need: a hydrating cleanser that clears impurities without stripping the skin.
We Recommend: Pure Face Cleaner, Pure Cleaner Milk

You Have: oily, combination, or maybe even normal skin but are prone to breakouts depending on the weather, if it’s that time of the month, or certain foods.

You Need: a cleanser that helps clean and clear pores and balance oil without stripping the skin.

We Recommend: Skin Renewal Cleaner


You Have: no noticeable problems, your skin may occasionally be dry or you might get a blemish once in a blue moon.

You Need: a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin, you can focus more on the additional benefits of a cleanser.

We Recommend: Ageless Beauty Face Cleaner, Sensbio Face Cleaner


You Have: an oily t-zone and dry cheeks

You Need: a cleanser that is equally balancing and hydrating.

We Recommend: Skin Renewal Cleaner, Purifying Face Cleaner

You Have: skin that’s prone to irritation, is often red.
You Need: a creamy, soothing cleanser that helps maintain or balance pH so it doesn’t get even more irritated or dry.
We Recommend: Pure Face Cleaner, Pure Cleaner Milk

Our cleansers are actually treatments so we recommend massaging them onto dry skin for maximum results. 

Do I need a different cleanser for day and night?

It’s not so much about using a different cleanser in your day and night routine, but about ADDING a cleanser to your night routine. Double cleansing at night is our biggest tip for getting the best results out of your entire beauty routine. 

We always recommend consulting with us if you have concerns about your skin's health.
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