DRHAZI skin rejuvenation products are suitable for balancing and rebuilding damaged, extremely thin, rosacea and acne skin with 100% natural and high-tech active ingredients.


As of today, healthy, beautiful skin is easily attainable, and can be maintained in the long run with a little care. 

Skin with normal function and structure is the base skin-type. Of course, normal skin has its dissimilarities regarding color and structure; however, we can say that any kind of healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

- 100% active agent cosmetics
- Skinidentical structure of formulas and biotech skin builders
- cellular, DNA-level skin regeneration with nanopeptide therapy


When is skin renewal necessary?


Yes, if the facial skin is damaged. The damage is not always visible to the naked eye; skin damage can be of microscopic size. In this case, only symptoms such as skin sensitivity, susceptibility to irritation and skin problems indicate imbalances within the skin.

Care of the imbalanced skin requires particular attention, because even intensive plant material can harm damaged skin-surface by being absorbed into an area which they do not belong to, causing irritation. This is often mistaken with skin-allergies.

According to our research, the nucleus behind these problems is obviously the shift in skin-balance, caused by the structural damage of the skin and skin infections. Skin renewal is required at this phase, returning the facial skin’s harmony.

What are the practical steps of this DRHAZI process?

1. Normalization of Demodex mite population - the most important role in damaging skin structure and the formation of skin problems. Not only their quantity, but their aggressiveness also needs to be regarded. In some cases, fewer mites can cause serious inflammation due to the stronger aggressiveness of the bacteria within the mites.

2. Reduction of inflammation and care of bacterial infection, by means of natural and modern agents - Such a magical active agents, as the Totalol and the hightech nanopeptids, as Delisens®, Telangin® and Bodyfensine®

4. Renewal of the skin structure on a cellular level modern skin-equivalent agents and biotechnologically developed nanopeptides, re-coding the cell’s DNA to proper operation with nanopeptids, as Serilesine®, Matrixyl® team, Collaxyl® and Syn-Coll® 

5. Removal of abnormally thickened connective tissue layer by natural exfoliation with Bio AHA, ground walnut shell  and fruit enzymes

6. Sebum-regulation, mostly necessary on the T zone area, with special active agents oils and aromatherapy

7. We recommend detecting and eliminating internal causes - these are mostly internal inflammatory pockets, allergies, food intolerance, gluten-overload and gluten-toxicity. - for this you will find many educational articles in our knowledge base.

Following the normalization of the skin, fine, healthy facial skin can be maintained with correct care.

Skin renewal, Demodex balance skin renewal

SKIN RENEWAL PACK - for regenerating rosacea, acne skin, demodex balancing

SCALP RENEWAL PACK - scalp, inflammatory scalp, demodexex for hair loss


Hypoallergenic skin regeneration

PURE SKINIDENTICAL CARE LINE - for thinning, extremely sensitive facial skin


Toning dilated blood vessels on the facial skin with normal skin structure

ROASACEA SKIN CARE LINE - treatment of hypertension, vascular weakness on the skin


Antiseptic care, sebum control

PURIFYING SKIN CARE - acne skin after-treatment, sebum control