A fundamental need of demanding women is to use superb facial care products. The basic value of cosmetics is determined by the quality of the ingredients, their purity and the degree of their absorption. This is supplemented by extra active agents which can be used to achieve a more intensive effect.

Apart from skin-identical active agents and structure, the greatest value of active agent cosmetics lies in aromatherapy as well as nanopeptide and nanocrystal technology. These active agents are exceedingly expensive, yet are capable of greatly enhancing the effectiveness of products. Nanomedicine is a new branch of science, which intends to put the latest nanotechnology developments into the service of health and beauty.



Precious luxury active agents in high-tech cosmetics

Nanopeptides for intensive effectiveness 

Nanopeptides consisting of up to 4-5 amino acids extracted from targeted plant sources represent a new age of innovative active agent manufacturing. These short plant-based peptides are programming signal molecules which solely effect the function of targeted cells in a precisely determined manner. Thanks to nanotechnology, the molecules are protected from protein degrading enzymes which also make absorption more effective, thus initiating revitalization on the cellular level.

Crystal therapy for perfect beauty

The colloidal dissolution of metals is use to prepare organic colloid crystal active agents, which are capable of energizing, vitalizing and normalizing the function of cells on a cellular level. Colloid crystal solutions contain pure nanometals suspended in deionized water without ionized metal particles. Dissolved on the atomic level, metals are water soluble and maintain a stable dissolved state. As they are not ionized and create no salts, they’re capable of establishing special crystal structures with the water.

The specialty of true colloids lies in that 100% of metals, in the form of metallic particles, have a size that allows them to take part in cellular metabolism, enzymatic processes or even on the level of DNA.

DRHAZI Anti Age Care Lines for skin rejuvenating

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