DRHAZI Bio Facial Plastic®

Organic Facial Reconstruction 

Modern, natural skin rejuvenation 




Complete facial rejuvenation with Organic facial reconstruction.

Natural high-tech cosmetics are excellent for rejuvenating the facial skin, filling the dermis, flexing connective tissue and relaxing the muscular system. In a holistic way, they rejuvenate the face on a deep level.

How to increase the rejuvenating effect?

Our experiences in facial rejuvenating treatments show that the facial muscles of most women are incredibly hard. The main reason for this is our accelerated lifestyles, due to which we are exposed to stress day after day. First the muscles get tense, followed by a lack of blood and nutrient supply. In many cases, the muscles become atrophied and attached to the bone, thus causing the skin to be lifeless.

If we only seek an external solution for providing a supply of oxygen and nutrients, we will end up with highly expensive, yet imperfect results. 

Organic facial reconstruction deal the original, internal causes which establish the healthy unity of connective tissue and skin. It provides a natural alternative in achieving lasting results in the field of skin rejuvenation.

At first, facial reconstruction might sound like plastic surgery, even though the natural way of treating this pathological deterioration is organic facial reconstruction, which offers a harmonious way of rejuvenating and beautifying the entire face. Thanks to this procedure, the aging process can be reversed and the sagging face can be resupplied with volume.

The special technology takes the facial meridians into consideration and dissolves the energetic lesions with acupressure motions followed by intensive, patting gestures, vitalizing the tissues. 

This first mobilizes atrophied mimicry muscles attached to the bones, which can provide tissues with an internal supply of oxygen and nutrients. Subsequently, the mimicry muscles can be relaxed and trained while reconstituting the connective tissue and making it more flexible. Finally, the facial muscles can become stronger with more tone, leading to an intensive supporting force which defies gravity.