The DRHAZI products represent an entirely new branch of beauty care. As they’re 100% natural, active agent cosmetics, they are also unique, professional, cellular-level medicosmetics.

They represent a transition between cosmetics and dermatology. Their value is ensured by their precious plant-based ingredients and unique manual manufacturing technology.

  • 100% natural active agents – entirely beneficial, without any products harmful to the skin or deep tissues.
  • Their composition is identical to that of human skin – they are entirely absorbed and integrated into the skin, becoming a part of the skin – ceramides, liposomes, 4 levels of hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins with a composition identical to human skin.
  • Biotechnology nano-peptides – programming the DNA on the cellular level to achieve the desired outcome; they represent the most expensive molecules and we use a maximum dose of complex forms – the creams or serums contain 10-12 nano-peptides on average

These are supplemented by colloid-crystals which represent luxury-level treatment with a crystal therapy that has a beneficial effect on the vitality and youthfulness of cells – with gold, silver, platinum, iridium, copper and silica.

What we are proud of

  1. The Organic facial reconstruction developed by DRHAZI results in full- scale natural facial rejuvenation.
  2. Damaged facial skin can be normalized. With the globally unique DRHAZI skin renewal procedures, we’re capable of normalizing impaired or sick facial skin – rosacea, acne – with natural holistic methods.
  3. We are engaged in training DRHAZI therapists.