LIGHTENING  pigmented skin renewal with nanopeptides  LIGHTENING TONING

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Hightech 3%
Natural 100%

Our cosmetics and skin care products are 100% natural, healthy and exceptional quality. Instead, we use valuable natural raw materials with excellent bioavailability. Therefore, our products are suitable for all skin types and are suitable by their pure natural ingredients also for vegetarians and vegans.

Through the selected DRHAZI Natural process® our products are manufactured particularly friendly and sustainable. Unlike manufactured at Industriel cosmetics and toiletries, this may mean that there are some changes in color, smell or consistency of the products. This is a natural process through the use of natural ingredients - opened products should be consumed about three months after opening.
Sustainability, also in product design:
Through our low-oxygen filling and a carefully selected package of conservation effort is kept very low. All contents are filled into pre-sterilized container quality and, thus are DRHAZI products free from germs, chemicals and synthetic preservatives. The "airless system", that is, the separation of packaged goods and ambient air, also ensures a germ-free and oxygen-protected storage - prior to first use it is necessary to pump the care product.

Storage & shelf life:
To ensure the consistency of natural products as well as a good application use, cosmetics and toiletries DRHAZI from excessively high temperatures or cold should be protected. Optimal storage is ensured at a temperature of 15-20 degrees.

Further information:
Inform yourself about the effect instance and preservation of produce, as well as the synthetic active ingredients and toxins in conventional cosmetics here.



  • Goslarit powder
  • Urea
  • Sorbit
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Niacinamid - B3 Vitamin
  • Mitracarpe extract
  • Bearberry extract
  • Rhubarb extract
  • Allantoin
  • Organic Geranium oil
  • Sage oil
  • Organic Totarol
Allantoin (Comfrey Root) is a natural ingredient found in a wide variety of cosmetic products. It is an extract from the comfrey plant. This ingredient is widely known for its hydrating abilities and exfoliating properties. It is known to be an anti-irritant and even to protect and promote healing. Inhibits Tyrosinase to limit the production of melanin, provides natural skin lightening actions to relieve visible pigmentation disorders. Natural zinc sulphate, an excellent skin whitening, as well as more than 100 enzymatic process stimulates such. DNA synthesis and wound healing. Thus, an important role in skin regeneration The HA biotechnical ( fermentation ) is produced from glucose, soy peptone and yeast extract. Significant contribution to the hydration of the skin, the skin is nice. Molecular Weight distinction is made between macro, micro and medium hyaluronic acid. When used in combination, support and enhance each other's effects. Macro (800-1200 kDa) - the most commonly used hyaluronic acid. The top layer of skin can easily attract the molecules of water to hydrate the collagen and elastin fibers. According to the weight of 500 times the amount of water can absorb . Medium ( < 50 kDa) - penetrates the skin deeper layer, where the special effects of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Due to the strong UV radiation is a damaging free radicals in the skin ( hydrogen peroxide ). The medium of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases the level of catalase , hydrogen peroxide into water and this is converted to the acid . Besides the suppression of inflammatory agents in the skin. Micro ( <5000 Da ) - the deepest layer of the skin to get to where it is important to select the signal peptides stimulate stem cells. These signal peptides help rebuild the tissue structures . At the same time enhance their own production of hyaluronic acid in the tissue so that the skin becomes tight and permanently flexible. In addition, inhibits the activity of tissue -degrading enzymes ( Matrix Metallo Proteinase ) , such as collagen and elastin to extend the life cycle It is most widely used in cosmetics for its ability to help the skin absorb the cosmetics and moisturizers better. It is also widely used for its ability to accelerate the skins natural shedding process as an Alpha hydroxyl acid. In doing this it promotes the healthiest skin making your skins appearance brighter and younger looking. It inhibits the excessive accumulation of melanin by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme, fantastic acting antipigment agent. Vitamin B3 improves oxygenation and ingredient absorption by stimulant actions that increase circulation and detoxification processes, assists in the utilization of B vitamins. This non-toxic, non-irritating ingredient is known as an excellent astringent and to encourage new cell growth. It has been found to increase circulation thus promoting healing. It is also found to help balance oil production creating a more even looking appearance. Provides preservative actions while acting as a gentle and non-irritating anti-bacterial ingredient in both gram positive and negative bacteria (proprionumbacterium acne is particularly sensitive to this extract), anti-viral, antioxidant, effectively reduces acne disturbances. 
 Rhubarb root extract contains rhaponticin, a molecule that activates PPARγ, a receptor that stimulates the growth of skin cells (differentiation of keratinocytes) and natural hydration mechanisms. Great moisturizing properties. Improves barrier function of skin and recovers skin hydration. In addition, rhubarb root increases the production of barrier lipids, nearly tripling ceramide levels, to protect skin from future moisture loss. Sage essential oil include use as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent. Beneficial works well against psoriasis, dermatitis and for the care of the acne. In cosmetics, sorbitol acts as a humectant and moisturizer. Located in a part of the natural component of the epidermis (1%) of the skin where moisture becomes bound. It contributes to skin elasticity and flexibility. Urea is widely used in skincare because of its hydrating properties. It is also a great and widely used preservative in cosmetics. It has been found to prevent sun radiation from aging the skin.


  1. Truly natural and/or organic cosmetics, meet ECOCERT Organic and Nature of requirements.
  2. We use solvent and pollution-free, cold-pressed vegetable oils
  3. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives
  4. Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG's
  5. Dermatologically tested for compatibility
  6. Recovered raw materials, whenever possible from controlled- organic farming and under fair conditions


LIGHTENING pigmented skin renewal with nanopeptides


LIGHTENING  pigmented skin renewal with nanopeptides  LIGHTENING TONING
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This facial toner purifies and invigorates the skin effectively. Its herbal ingredients strengthen the natural skin barrier and therefore make it more resistant against external impacts. Highly concentrated active substances like Kojic acid and bearberry leaves extract effectively act against pigment spots and promote skin regeneration. The skin becomes brighter and regains an evenly healthy and rejuvenated complexion.

The fragrance of this facial toner is associated with strong mental and spiritual effects, which contribute to a harmonious complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

When applied to the skin, it may naturally tingle a little. This is a positive effect of its active, natural ingredients.

Goslarit powder - Kojic acid - Allantoin - Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
Natural essential oils: Aloe vera oil
Fragrance: natural scent, soft herbal fragrance
Packaging: 100 ml pump bottle of glass
100ml 106.00 USD
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hightech natural skin therapy

Made with certified ingredients

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